Upcoming Events

  • Wed, Dec 30
    WENZAO Chinese Language Centr
    Fill out the questionnaire for free online lessons
    Answer simple questions to easily get free online lessons!
  • Mon, Jan 04
    WENZAO Chinese Language Centre
    Free Culture Class: Chinese Board Games
    Learn how to play Chinese Chess and Mahjong.
  • Wed, Jan 27
    Classroom G350
    Free Culture Class: Stories of Chinese Characters
    Getting to know the radicals, the evolutions and origins of Chinese characters.
  • Wed, Feb 03
    公簡廳 GongJian Hall
    為了迎接新年,華語中心誠摯地邀請您參加《2021新春同樂會暨期末成果展》。 除了欣賞同學們的作品及表演外,活動中還有摸彩活動,結束後一起享用下午茶點心。

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